Wednesday, 14 January 2015

BRKC 2015. Milton Keynes, 16-18 January. Preview

The giant is stirring.

It's 360 days since the engines fell silent. Since the bubbly sprayed and the racers dispersed into a freezing January night. The British Rental Kart Championship 2014 is consigned to history.

Now a new chapter is upon us.

The past twelve months have seen our championship balloon in scale, its reach and popularity far exceeding anything that went before. BRKC 2015 is a monster, nothing less. Over three days of practice and racing, more than 20,000 laps will be logged by 90 drivers in 30 practice sessions and 40 races.

Formula Fast in Milton Keynes is the home of the BRKC, and I'm delighted to be returning to this deceptively difficult, technical indoor circuit with its superb facilities and viewing areas. Ollie Fox and his team are already working tirelessly to ensure that BRKC 2015 runs like a Swiss train station.

Commentating legend James Auld returns for another marathon stint as the voice of the BRKC. He'll call the races, conduct roving interviews and voice the live video broadcast - keeping the excitement level at fever pitch for two solid days. This, combined with the sheer number of bodies and the echoing roar of kart engines, will turn the race hall into a pressure cooker. We've had atmosphere before, but never anything like this.

When the visors go down and tunnel vision engages, it'll be harder than ever to hit the mental mute button. But to do well here you must find a way to relax, to cast off the shackles of pressure and tension. Racing on this circuit is an exercise in patience and absolute precision. And at this level, every last hundredth of a second will count.

The entry list is one of the most daunting I've ever seen. A mix of world champions, local specialists, BRKC topliners, names from elsewhere in motorsport - and a huge contingent of unknowns. Reigning champion Ruben Boutens returns as favourite to retain his crown. He had his work cut out last year. But BRKC 2015 has changed the game.

With 50% more drivers and a mid-weekend circuit layout change, just making the semi-finals is going to be a Herculean task. Luck will play its part as always. For the podium finishers, besides glory and kudos (and a racesuit soaked in 'champagne') glittering prizes await. The trophies would not disgrace an F1 podium; all three are complemented by a free entry to the Kart World Championships in Italy, for which the BRKC is a qualifying event.

There's a cash prize for the champion, too. By Sunday night, he or she will have earned it. And then some.

To the new BRKC'ers, I'm sure the combined efforts of founder Bradley Philpot and the Facebook community have already made you feel welcome. The BRKC is easily the friendliest karting championship I have ever competed in - but I know that the sheer scale of an event like this can feel overwhelming at times. If you're feeling a bit lost, the regulars are even more approachable in real life than on Facebook - someone will always be happy to chat. I'll try and get around to as many people as possible between races; feel free to doorstep me any time.

Official practice for the BRKC starts at 9.30am on Friday 16 January. The first race will start at 8am on Saturday morning. If you want to follow - or contribute to - the coverage across social media, search hashtag #BRKC2015. Live timing from the circuit and a Livestream video feed will also be available - visit the BRKC Race Hub for links.

Also, watch this space for a Day One wrapup on Saturday evening. A full championship report will be published late on Monday 19 January.

For the drivers, it's time to triple-check kit, wolf down carbohydrates, get as much sleep as possible. Try and speed up the ticking clock in your head.

And maybe pray a little.

This is going to be awesome.

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  1. Brilliant! Great preview to the weekend!

  2. Spine tingling! Wish I didn't have exams haha. Good Luck!